Rotary Motor Treasure Hunt

Scotiabank St. Lucia has annually participated in the Rotary Motor Treasure Hunt since its inception in 1999. This event takes place in Mat, and the main objective is to raise funds for the underprivileged; many corporate houses, including all the other financial institutions, participate and register one car or two cars.

Scotiabank gets the opportunity to showcase their products by placing posters on cars. By following the various routes, Scotiabank staff meet customers in different communities, and discover new communities in the various villages and towns. The Bank uses this opportunity to showcase current campaigns or a specific product. Through this non-traditional advertising, staff members dress in costumes depicting the products or services being advertised.

Staff hand out business cards and Scotiabank-branded promotional materials to encourage customers to visit the branch and bank with us.

This project is three-fold: helping the underprivileged, encouraging staff to compete with other corporate houses, and having fun. This event boosts staff morale whilst promoting and advertising products and services to our customers in a medium other than the normal print, radio, or TV.